Meet a Church of Satan Nazi: Part 4. James Theodore Stillwell III – #ChurchofSatanDoxxes

For the fourth article in this #ChurchofSatanDoxxes series, we’ll be exposing fascist Church of Satan member James Theodore Stillwell III. On Twitter, we’ve talked about him before where we showed his anti-Semitism, racism, ethnonationalism, anti-feminist, anti-SJW, and anti-LGBTQA+ sentiment. Let’s take a look at what kind of person he is and what kind of content he posts on social media.

James T. Stillwell III

First off, James has grand delusions of grandeur who fancies himself to be a philosopher. For instance, in the past, he has gotten the attention of P.Z. Myers for his anti-feminist rhetoric and for a fake university account he made on Facebook, which these days he uses to promote his pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-metaphysical book and to wax philosophical about “power-nihilism” while worshipping author of proto-fascist book Might is Right, Ragnar Redbeard (Arthur Desmond).


In fact, James loves Might is Right and Redbeard so much that he has created a far-right website called Redbeard Right. He can be seen posting all kinds of bigoted and ethnonationalist drivel on it. Unsurprisingly, he seems to be a fan of Trump and this is reflected in his article titles, such as Grabbing Equality by the Pussy.


Additionally, he’s a huge supporter of neo-nazi terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. who ran his car into a crowd during Unite the Right and who was recently sentenced to life in prison. James believes, along with every other fascist and alt-righter who supported Unite the Right, that Fields is innocent and that he did nothing wrong. This is evidenced by his cover photo on Gab which depicts both a person leaning against a Dodge Challenger, the car that Fields’ used to run into a crowd, and a picture of the tiki torch where fascists marched on University of Virginia campus and assaulted a small group of protestors.

Looking over his Gab, we see an assortment of troubling and racist content. He has a loathing of people of color and he’s wholeheartedly anti-Semitic. The range of memes and content that he posts goes from a more restrained, conservative angle to unabashed fascism and ethnonationalism, complete with “helicopter ride” memes. As is the case with the far- and alt-right, James is very much deadset against social justice and trans people existing in society. He has also brought up the recent case of racist Covington Catholic kids harassing a Native American at a March for Life event, where he echoes racist far-right rhetoric saying that an antagonizer did nothing wrong for smiling at a Native person while antagonizing them.

The argument of this racist meme is a dishonest one, and the far- and alt-right know it is; but here’s the rub with fascism generally: fascists don’t actually care about honesty or the value of truth. Fascists have no integrity and they will abandon reason and honesty to manipulate narratives and secure their racist and bigoted goals. They aren’t playing fair on a level playing field; they will twist and distort the facts to fit their own ends and they exploit appeals to civility. Hence the reason why we can’t debate fascism out of existence with another set of good analytical-critical ideas.


As with fascist ideology and ethnonationalism, James is a very paranoid individual with a fragile self-identity who believes that migrants, immigrants, refugees, and people of color are going to replace the white race. He and every other fascist has mistakenly linked his sense of identity to something external from himself: his race and his heritage. These, race and heritage, or stated more explicitly, blood and soil, are the conditions of the possibility of a sense of identity at all.

Ironically, James is the type of person who goes on and on ad nauseam about Nietzschean conceptions of Will-to-Power, might, and strength, and yet, he has become so weak, so fragile as to attach his personal identity, his sense of self, to something so non-intrinsic, so external to himself, to something so fickle as that of race and heritage. In contradistinction to Nietzsche’s concept of an “Ubermensch” who creates for themselves their own values, James has engaged in, by his own account, “slave morality”, and has become subservient to another “idol”: race.

How utterly and completely ironic it is, sardonic even, that he himself has become, in Nietzsche’s words, sick and backward, having developed a sort of ressentiment that is originated in a denial of everything different. “It looks outward and says ‘No’ to the antagonistic external forces that oppose and oppress it.” (It must be clear here, however, that neither James or ethnonationalists are actually oppressed in society. Society is already built on white supremacy, and their victimization is misplaced and delusional. This reactionary “identitarianism” is merely an emotional response to white power being rightfully abandoned and power being given to those who are and have been oppressed, namely, people of color and LGBTQA+ communities. This reactionary fascist white identity is merely a matter of shifting power, and it scares the hell out of them for irrational and ungrounded reasons. There is much more to be said about power dynamics and destroying fascism under capitalism but that is beyond our scope here.) It’s even more damning considering that James is a nihilist, exhibiting the same characteristic of “slave morality” that says “No”, as nihilism is negation and denial of . . . .


James is a deplorable and sickening racist, and he’s appeared on Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell’s Radical Agenda. We do these articles to expose bigotry and to alert certain communities of dangerous and violent people who are near them so they can be aware and protect themselves.


The Doxx

James is 38 years old.
James has lived on both the East and West coasts, in California and New Hampshire. It’s believed that he currently lives in New Hampshire and we have two possible addresses:
17 Lamson St.; Keene, NH 03431-3641; and 5 Central Sq, APT 503; Keene, NH 03431-3768.
His possible phone numbers are:
530-315-0106; and 973-209-4052.
It’s also worthy to note that James was an inmate in Marysville, California.

Here’s what the jabroni looks like.