Alt-Right/Crypto-Fascist Polytheist Galina Krasskova


Meet polytheist author, fascist sympathizer, and rape apologist Galina Krasskova. She’s authored quite a number of books dealing with polytheism, Nordic gods, and working with runes. Evidently, she’s a “big name pagan” author (although, by her own account, she prefers the label polytheist), and one can find all kinds of conversations about her via online forums and sites like Tumblr. She’s quite an academic, holding a BA in cultural studies with a concentration in religious studies from Empire State College, a masters in religious studies from New York University, has completed Ph.D. coursework in classics at Fordham University in New York, and she’s currently pursuing a medieval studies MA. Her aim in academia is to attain a Ph.D. in theology.

In browsing the web and looking over her blog, more than a few problematic things become manifest. First of all, she defends and sympathizes with fascists and fascist pagan groups such as the Asatru Folk Assembly.

Secondly, she keeps company with fascists and she links to blog posts from them; specifically, she’s friends with outright nazi Church of Satan member Kenaz Filan and she’s advocated and platformed his blog Europa’s Children, wherein he can be seen making bad faith arguments and furthering fascist talking points for an ethnostate and white nationalism. Kenaz, by the way, is an explicit nazi who furthers the conspiracy theory that James Alex Fields Jr. ran over a crowd at the deadly Unite the Right rally in self-defense and is innocent of committing murder. Kenaz interacts with other fascists on his Gab, like Daniel McMahon AKA Jack Corbin, and his Gab posts include inciting violence and spreading around literal anti-Semitic propaganda from nazi Germany. He’s also harassed a vulnerable person on Twitter in the aim of getting them to kill themselves. Galina apparently has no problem with this bigoted behavior and she seems to hold Kenaz in high regard.

Thirdly, Galina is a rape apologist who has justified the rape of Rindr in her mythology at the hands of Odin and has basically excused any atrocity by, or in the name of, her gods. This apologetic is reminiscent of frequent Christian apologetics that justifies atrocities by Jahweh by invoking his mysteriousness and omnibenevolence (something that Galina does on her blog in regard to her gods)–that we couldn’t possibly be in a capacity to understand his plan with our limited minds and logic, and that all apparent evil in the world ultimately serves a higher purpose in perhaps teaching a valuable lesson. And this, to be sure, is an example of the danger and utter moral failing of religion.

Let’s examine some of her content, as well as conversations had about her by other polytheists and pagans.

Blog Posts and Fascist Sympathies

Here she is sharing content by Kenaz Filan consisting of dishonesty and bad faith arguments. Any claim that Kenaz makes about “not being a nazi” or his “white nationalism not involving hate or violence” is directly destroyed by taking a look at his Gab account where he glorifies killing black people, shares racist and anti-Semitic memes, and chats with other fascists. As well, Galina seems to have no problem whatsoever with now-defunct fascist hate group Identity Evropa, now rebranded as American Identity Movement. She thinks that it’s not a big deal that white supremacists appropriate religious movements such as heathenism or that they follow a strict code of traditionalism that discriminates and commits violence against marginalized groups and people. She’s also completely fine with white supremacists being in law enforcement.


Galina has also worked with and supports a transphobic transgender intersex person, Raven Kaldera, who has also published books about paganism. In the past, Raven has spouted all sorts of transmisogyny, anti-trans violence, and racism. For instance, Raven has called trans issues “third gender issues”, which is problematic in itself, and it seems he also doesn’t accept trans people as the gender that they are. Raven also has misconceptions about what male privilege is, saying that male privilege is discounted both when one encounters dirty looks in a clothes store or that one isn’t allowed to hold a traditionally “female” job. Generally, he seems to have a bigoted and ignorant view of trans people.

Raven also seems to mix BDSM with paganism, and he calls himself an “ordeal master”. Ordeals are the act of putting assumably consenting parties through situations that can involve intense physical and mental pain in order to attain some sort of “spiritual” consciousness and can be a form of worship in the religious practice. Consenting parties should be fully free to engage in indulgent behavior; the problem, though, is that Raven has been accused of abusing naive people who are new to paganism who end up getting raped. He’s also been accused of falsely linking sadistic sexual acts to the Hindu Kavadi ceremony and the Lakota Sun Dance, which has been called misappropriation and racist.

In a few posts on Galina’s blog, she attempts to paint herself as not being a nazi and holding to the position that nazism is harmful, but she contradicts herself all over the place stating that she’s anti-antifa and that fascists like Richard Spencer shouldn’t be punched in the face. In a few places, she even states that she falls along the center of the political spectrum and puts forth tired “both sides” talking points. She immediately contradicts this, though, by going on with anti-antifa and pro-free speech tirades that sympathize with violent fascists and play into their favor by supporting them having a platform from which to hurl speech that targets marginalized people with violence and murder. She’s quick to condemn antifascist tactics that thwart this behavior but she’s even quicker to sympathize and excuse violent fascists. She even made a blog post that stated she thinks that nazis are and should be welcome in Valhalla because Odin is a deity of such a mind that politics and irredeemable behavior are just such a small thing to worry about, that actions in battle are what should truly decide the inhabitants of Valhalla. The whole thing stinks of nazi apologism.

She’s also made a post that supports the white supremacist Asatru Folk Assembly, and she is in opposition to Declaration 127 which lists heathen and pagan organizations that oppose AFA. She can be seen actively supporting this racist organization. She’s also condemned the organization Troth for coming out as anti-racist. One isn’t in a position to claim to be opposed to fascism if one directly supports fascist organizations and condemns those who oppose them. She’s entirely making way for fascism to continue to creep into these religious circles. As we’ve seen many times with other fascist sympathizers, she’s pulling the plausible deniability card. It’s not going to cut it around here. There is no middle ground. Either one is and supports fascists or one isn’t and doesn’t. She’s going beyond being merely complicit here. She’s endorsing a fascist heathen organization, something that should be given no tolerance.

Unsurprisingy, she’s also anti-PC and anti-SJW, anti-“censorship”, and pro-free speech that includes platforming fascists. She’s linked to some articles by Wayland Skallagrimsson who has talked fondly of the hammerskins and espoused proto-fascist ideas of hierarchy and anti-PC/anti-SJW sentiment.


As well as being anti-SJW, she’s also intolerant of other religions. She wants nothing to do with them and holds an elitist view of her religion in looking down upon others. She wants to mate only within the religion and she supports patriarchial conceptions of a dowry and arranged marriages. She also has troubling ideas about duty to art. She’s fatphobic and she’s against “progress” if it stands in the way of her gods or religion. She’s also classist and she doesn’t believe in helping poor people gain access to college, being a self-described gatekeeper.


She’s anti-Marxist and, shown above, she espouses fascist dogwhistles about post-modernism.


She’s shared propaganda from alt-right site Breitbart, which has featured Milo “Gay Hitler” Yiannopoulos. She’s Islamophobic, and it’s worth pointing out that Heathens United Against Racism has made a statement against here for this and promoting Hindu nationalist publications promoting all-out war with Muslims. They’ve denounced her and called for opposition against her.


Oh, and Galina is a rape apologist who excuses rape in her mythology.

Further Links Concerning Abuse and Bigotry

There are numerous troubling threads online that discuss other troubling things with her, such as abuse and further bigotry. We can’t confirm the veracity of some of the claims made on these sites, as no links were given backing up certain claims. However, people should be aware of the accusations being made in light of what we’ve already reported on in this article. If one can’t be bothered to read entire pages, we recommend doing a quick search with keywords such as “Galina Krasskova”, “abuse”, “discrimination”, “racism”, “fascism”, “nazism” etc.

  1. Here’s a forum thread on abuse, bigotry, and fascism.
  2. Here’s a post that lays out racism, etc.
  3. Here’s a post exposing Raven Kaldera’s racism and transphobia.
  4. Here’s a post showing Galina’s anti-PC rhetoric and fascist sympathies.
  5. Here’s a post showing her toxic views.

The Doxx

Galina I. Krosskova is 46 years old and currently teaches Latin at Fordham University.
She can be reached at this PO Box: 228 Beacon, NY 12508.
Possible phone numbers: landline: 845-831-0709; wireless: 831-383-8255.

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Meet a Church of Satan Nazi: Part 4. James Theodore Stillwell III – #ChurchofSatanDoxxes

For the fourth article in this #ChurchofSatanDoxxes series, we’ll be exposing fascist Church of Satan member James Theodore Stillwell III. On Twitter, we’ve talked about him before where we showed his anti-Semitism, racism, ethnonationalism, anti-feminist, anti-SJW, and anti-LGBTQA+ sentiment. Let’s take a look at what kind of person he is and what kind of content he posts on social media.

James T. Stillwell III

First off, James has grand delusions of grandeur who fancies himself to be a philosopher. For instance, in the past, he has gotten the attention of P.Z. Myers for his anti-feminist rhetoric and for a fake university account he made on Facebook, which these days he uses to promote his pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-metaphysical book and to wax philosophical about “power-nihilism” while worshipping author of proto-fascist book Might is Right, Ragnar Redbeard (Arthur Desmond).


In fact, James loves Might is Right and Redbeard so much that he has created a far-right website called Redbeard Right. He can be seen posting all kinds of bigoted and ethnonationalist drivel on it. Unsurprisingly, he seems to be a fan of Trump and this is reflected in his article titles, such as Grabbing Equality by the Pussy.


Additionally, he’s a huge supporter of neo-nazi terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. who ran his car into a crowd during Unite the Right and who was recently sentenced to life in prison. James believes, along with every other fascist and alt-righter who supported Unite the Right, that Fields is innocent and that he did nothing wrong. This is evidenced by his cover photo on Gab which depicts both a person leaning against a Dodge Challenger, the car that Fields’ used to run into a crowd, and a picture of the tiki torch where fascists marched on University of Virginia campus and assaulted a small group of protestors.

Looking over his Gab, we see an assortment of troubling and racist content. He has a loathing of people of color and he’s wholeheartedly anti-Semitic. The range of memes and content that he posts goes from a more restrained, conservative angle to unabashed fascism and ethnonationalism, complete with “helicopter ride” memes. As is the case with the far- and alt-right, James is very much deadset against social justice and trans people existing in society. He has also brought up the recent case of racist Covington Catholic kids harassing a Native American at a March for Life event, where he echoes racist far-right rhetoric saying that an antagonizer did nothing wrong for smiling at a Native person while antagonizing them.

The argument of this racist meme is a dishonest one, and the far- and alt-right know it is; but here’s the rub with fascism generally: fascists don’t actually care about honesty or the value of truth. Fascists have no integrity and they will abandon reason and honesty to manipulate narratives and secure their racist and bigoted goals. They aren’t playing fair on a level playing field; they will twist and distort the facts to fit their own ends and they exploit appeals to civility. Hence the reason why we can’t debate fascism out of existence with another set of good analytical-critical ideas.


As with fascist ideology and ethnonationalism, James is a very paranoid individual with a fragile self-identity who believes that migrants, immigrants, refugees, and people of color are going to replace the white race. He and every other fascist has mistakenly linked his sense of identity to something external from himself: his race and his heritage. These, race and heritage, or stated more explicitly, blood and soil, are the conditions of the possibility of a sense of identity at all.

Ironically, James is the type of person who goes on and on ad nauseam about Nietzschean conceptions of Will-to-Power, might, and strength, and yet, he has become so weak, so fragile as to attach his personal identity, his sense of self, to something so non-intrinsic, so external to himself, to something so fickle as that of race and heritage. In contradistinction to Nietzsche’s concept of an “Ubermensch” who creates for themselves their own values, James has engaged in, by his own account, “slave morality”, and has become subservient to another “idol”: race.

How utterly and completely ironic it is, sardonic even, that he himself has become, in Nietzsche’s words, sick and backward, having developed a sort of ressentiment that is originated in a denial of everything different. “It looks outward and says ‘No’ to the antagonistic external forces that oppose and oppress it.” (It must be clear here, however, that neither James or ethnonationalists are actually oppressed in society. Society is already built on white supremacy, and their victimization is misplaced and delusional. This reactionary “identitarianism” is merely an emotional response to white power being rightfully abandoned and power being given to those who are and have been oppressed, namely, people of color and LGBTQA+ communities. This reactionary fascist white identity is merely a matter of shifting power, and it scares the hell out of them for irrational and ungrounded reasons. There is much more to be said about power dynamics and destroying fascism under capitalism but that is beyond our scope here.) It’s even more damning considering that James is a nihilist, exhibiting the same characteristic of “slave morality” that says “No”, as nihilism is negation and denial of . . . .


James is a deplorable and sickening racist, and he’s appeared on Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell’s Radical Agenda. We do these articles to expose bigotry and to alert certain communities of dangerous and violent people who are near them so they can be aware and protect themselves.


The Doxx

James is 38 years old.
James has lived on both the East and West coasts, in California and New Hampshire. It’s believed that he currently lives in New Hampshire and we have two possible addresses:
17 Lamson St.; Keene, NH 03431-3641; and 5 Central Sq, APT 503; Keene, NH 03431-3768.
His possible phone numbers are:
530-315-0106; and 973-209-4052.
It’s also worthy to note that James was an inmate in Marysville, California.

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Meet a Church of Satan Nazi: Part 3. James D. Sass – #ChurchofSatanDoxxes

In this third installation of #ChurchofSatanDoxxes, we’ll be exposing fascist Church of Satan clergy member magister James D. Sass, AKA magister Svengali. Back in December, we posted a Twitter thread on him showing his explicit and overt fascism and how Church of Satan high priest and high priestess Gilmore and Nadramia collaborated with him on projects, including them writing the forward and afterward of James’ book Essays in Satanism. Let’s take a look at James, who has read a few philosophy books and now sees himself as a philosopher.

Background and Blog

First off, let’s establish here that the Church of Satan and its high ranking members and administration, including both high priest and high priestess, as well as magistra Blanche Barton, are complicit in allowing fascism within the organization via complacency and firsthand direct action. These actions include platforming via the Church of Satan’s news feed, Facebook, and Twitter feed the fascist projects that fascist members are involved in, as well as directly lending a hand to these projects. As we’ll show here, the administration had a direct hand in platforming James’ book Essays in Satanism. Additionally, high priestess Nadramia follows James on Twitter, which preemptively destroys dishonest claims that the Church of Satan 1. is apolitical and 2. is ignorant of its fascist membership and their activities. Nadramia has direct access to James’ Twitter feed which shows via his own posts his fascist leanings. And even more damning, James’ book is directly platformed and hosted on the Church of Satan’s website and it’s considered Church of Satan canon, which means that the book is considered officially condoned and backed by the organization and it speaks with authority on satanism. The contents of the book come directly from James’ blog; so, let’s take a look at his blog and see what kind of posts he makes.


Right off the bat, we can see all kinds of blatant, explicit, unironic admissions of fascism and links to other fascist sites and fascist authors, such as authors Julius Evola, Oswald Spengler, Oswald Mosley, and Adolf Hitler; and sites such as Underworld Amusements, Kurt Saxon’s (also a Church of Satan clergy member and neo-nazi) Preparedness Pages, Manson Direct, National Socialist Worldview, Occidental Dissent, and a site for Oswald Mosley.


He posts all kinds of content ranging from a Might is Right perspective on “natural law” and hierarchy to fascist interpretations and usage of Eastern religions and undercurrents such as Hinduism and the concept of Kali Yuga (the fascist interpretation being a stage of decay, decline, and degeneracy of the so-called “Western world”). Particularly, you’ll see a lot of posts about Evola. James also reveals his interest in Charles Manson and ATWAR, meaning air, trees, water, animals, and sometimes revolution, or sometimes “All The Way Alive”, which was Charles Manson’s ecological mandate. James has even collected dirt from Spahn Ranch which was Charles Manson’s and the Manson Family’s residence.

James can be seen in the blog lamenting via his assertion that there are no worthwhile political parties in the US and that both the leftwing and rightwing are part of a dying body and are contributing to the decline of the West, as well as romanticizing aristocracy. He also reveals himself to be an anti-Semite and a “white nationalist identitarian” who wants to establish a white ethnostate, as well as being a Holocaust denier. James staunchly adheres to metaphysical traditionalism, which asserts that there are primordial truths that exist which are the condition of the possibility for all the major religions. The traditionalist movement has been associated with the far-right, and in James’ traditionalist belief he reveals his totalitarian character: 

As far as ‘constitutional’ government goes; without a ‘traditional’ metaphysical/cosmological core, they are essentially building lego-castles out of ideas from the ground up from an over-cerebral ‘market place of ideas.’ This applies to any ‘alternative’ think tank enterprises as well, whatever quilt-work they manage to cobble together from the history of ‘ideas’ of a purely humanistic order, even from seemingly ‘traditional’ ideas–they are still working artificially from the ground up.

From a ‘traditional’ perspective there must be a revelation which men comprehend [. . .], then confirm by rites that become institutions to which the broader mass of humanity conforms. When that center no longer holds, things fall apart [. . .]

It’s not clear what “revelation” consists of; whether or not “revelation” means something akin to waxing intellectual and romantic about the necessity of a genocide against an arbitrary scapegoat, to which the “revelation” is then confirmed by rites that become institutions which the citizens of that society must conform to, is undecided. 

James is also non-sympathetic to the alt-right in his fascism. To James, in his Evolian and traditionalist elitism, he seems to think that he represents something more radical, more dangerous, less modern. Elsewhere on the blog, James reveals his sympathies with dictatorship and his ire and hatred of democracy.


He’s also posted some pictures of his favorite nazi.


James is also, unsurprisingly, a homophobe, and he really wants to live in a society in which one can freely fornicate with the dead.

James also likes to post degenerate anime memes depicting death, and he’s fatphobic who thinks that fat people want to kill themselves but are too afraid to do it, so instead, they mindlessly subsist through consumerism; which to be honest, is a tired trope that has been thrown around by fascists and misanthropists.


The Doxx

As it turns out, James is involved in a multimedia project called Necrofascist, where he has advocated for and posted links to the book Siege, authored by neo-nazi James Mason (both Church of Satan high priests LaVey and Gilmore wrote kindly of Mason; we’ll get to Gilmore later on in this series). James Mason, in his book, has called for lone wolf terrorism, and he has had a direct influence on neo-nazi group Atomwaffen Division, which is responsible for at least five murders. The book Siege is the fundamental text of Atomwaffen’s organizing and its tactics, and Atomwaffen members meet regularly with Mason.


Additionally, James owns a book store in Florida called Abraxas Books. Maybe the local community would want to come out and ask him why he’s such a hateful, elitist, fascist prick.


So let’s see: we have a Church of Satan clergy member, James D. Sass, who blogs about fascism and who has the official support of the Church of Satan administration which has collaborated with him and who has platformed him, even despite the fact that James has advocated for a neo-nazi terrorist, James Mason, who has in turn inspired neo-nazi terrorist group Atomwaffen Division who has at least five murders under its belt. The Church of Satan, its hierarchy, and a vast amount of its non-clergy members are wholeheartedly fascist.

James D. Sass is 53 years old.
His current address is:
2431 Hazel Bishop Dr; New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168-8289.
His phone number is:
His prior address is:
1920 Papaya Dr; South Daytona, FL 32119-1822.
His relatives include Marian Sass.
His email address is:

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Reminder that we do these #ChurchofSatanDoxxes in proactive self-defense. Local communities deserve to know about fascists in their area and their activity.

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Meet a Church of Satan Nazi: Part 2. Kevin I. Slaughter – #ChurchofSatanDoxxes

Last time in our #ChurchofSatanDoxxes series we exposed Church of Satan fascist Kenaz Filan. Continuing with part two, we’re going to be exposing clergy member magister Kevin I. Slaughter. You can follow along with this series on Twitter with: #ChurchofSatanDoxxes.

On Church of Satan Hierarchy

Before we reveal Kevin, we’d like to establish his rank within the organization and provide context as to what “magister” and “magistra” mean in Church of Satan hierarchy, as well as detail this hierarchy. 

When one joins the Church of Satan, they’re classified as a “Registered Member”. For those members who wish to take up a more active role within the organization, there’s an application the member can submit applying to become an “Active Member”. If one’s application is accepted, the member then enters into the Church of Satan’s hierarchy and is ranked as “Satanist, first degree”. There are five degrees in total within the hierarchy:

1st degree: Satanist (active member).
2nd degree: Witch/Warlock.
3rd degree: Priestess/Priest.
4th degree: Magistra/Magister.
5th degree: Maga/Magus.

If the member properly follows satanic principles to the satisfaction of the administration and keeps them up-to-date on projects and success in living satanic philosophy, the member may become elevated to the second degree, which basically indicates them as a step above an “initiate”, showing they grasp the philosophy and have potential to become clergy. Third through fourth degrees are Church of Satan clergy titles, meaning the member has been ordained and is an official representative of the organization, having demonstrated thorough understanding of satanism and displayed great success in living satanic principles. The fourth degree, the title of magistra or magister, is the equivalent of a cardinal in the Catholic church and is the highest degree one can attain in the Church of Satan, right under the maga and magus, fifth degree, which is reserved exclusively for the high priestess and high priest who are the heads of the organization.

Kevin I. Slaughter is a magister in the Church of Satan, meaning, he holds a high office, being of the highest rank that one can achieve in the organization. This means that he is an official representative of the Church of Satan and he talks with definitive authority on all matters concerning the Church of Satan and its brand of satanism. This is a very important point to note here. The Church of Satan has, as is going to be demonstrated here and in follow-up articles, official, bona fide clergy members who are fascists–and not only that–the organization both collaborates with and platforms its fascist members and their projects; simply, the Church of Satan entirely tolerates fascism and fascists.

Church of Satan Magister Kevin I. Slaughter

Now that Kevin’s rank and its meaning has been clarified, let’s take a look at what kind of person he is. First, Kevin runs the Satanic American accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The Satanic American is a space for right, far-right, and alt-right Church of Satan members (and sympathizers). The page (and in the post, Kevin says satanism itself) is entirely and specifically a far- and alt-right phenomenon, being a reaction against the establishment, which Kevin believes is the left. In his own words:

This project came out of years of observing the Satanic milieu and noticing a significant shift to the Left in implicit points and assumptions made in Satanic aesthetics, discourse, and analysis of current events. We also notice a lack of biting humor that attacked current orthodoxies. [. . .]

Today the Left is the Establishment, that is indisputable.



In the post, Kevin says, “Satanism is, by definition, reactionary, not in the political sense but as in a reaction to the current state of society.” Unpacking this briefly: the logic of this sentence breaks itself down and the dishonesty reveals itself, as any reaction “to the current state of society” is necessarily a political one. To claim, as the Church of Satan does, that Satanism is apolitical dishonestly overlooks the fact that ideology doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and this claim smacks as a dull attempt to dodge responsibility for the views and actions of the Church of Satan’s problematic members. 

Additionally, the rightwing and, more broadly, fascism has always been reactionary. But even if we grant Kevin’s argument, he’s still wrong by LaVey’s own account. Satanism itself as codified by LaVey and practiced by the Church of Satan is entirely reactionary in the political sense, as it was a “reactionary counterbalance” to the liberal and hippie counterculture of the 60s. Instead of fostering the “free love” hippie ideology, the Church of Satan championed discrimination and elitism. It aligned with proto-fascist ideas like elitism, fixation on order and “natural order” (and appeals to nature generally), strength and vitality, ridiculous ideas about social Darwinism and the law of the jungle (the strong survive), toxic masculinity, heroism, individualism, and egoism. This puts LaVey’s satanism on the right and it tends to lean far-right at times, as evidenced by LaVey’s own views on things like gun control, where he rallied for a police state.

Browsing the Satanic American Facebook page, we see all kinds of far- and alt-right talking points. In judging by the content, it wasn’t much of a secret that Kevin’s a fascist, but at times Satanic American content goes full-on explicit fascist, such as one post alluding to the fourteen words, a white supremacist slogan, and another that advocates for eugenics. It’s also no surprise that Kevin is a transphobe who thinks that those who are transgender have a mental illness.


We can see through his posting of memes his more misanthropic character. We can also see that he posts blatant racism and he’s a believer in pseudo-scientific “race science” or “race realism”. He also has posted a link from fascist site Counter-Currents. Additionally, Kevin has a weak ego and such a fragile sense of masculinity that he thinks the critiquing of toxic masculinity means that he has been stripped entirely of any resemblance of masculinity and that such a critique is an affront to his personal character.


Kevin has also shared content from Facebook account No Lives Matter, which is run by fascist James Porrazzo. We’ve covered James in our series on TST.


Kevin I. Slaughter is 43 years old and currently lives at this address:
954 Renfrew St; Essex, MD 21221-5208.
His phone number is:
His prior addresses include:
403 S Broadway; Baltimore, MD 21231-2410.
Possible relatives include:Amy Barrett, Gwyneth Starling, and Ida Pogue.
His email is:

Here’s what the jabroni looks like.


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