Meet a Church of Satan Nazi: Part 1. Kenaz Filan – #ChurchofSatanDoxxes

You Can’t Stop the Doxx

We’ve previously published this doxx on our WordPress (here, have an archive; you should see our archived links on this blog as well) but it seems that someone didn’t like the fact that a known fascist had his sensitive information published online. Therefore, we’ve switched sites to a better platform to host this content and we’re re-upping the information that fascists and their sympathizers don’t want to be seen. These doxxes are what got our WordPress shutdown, therefore, we’re posting these first. As an aside, it’s not shocking that an antifascist WordPress account was shut down for posting content that other fascist accounts post routinely with impunity. Oh well, repression breeds innovation.

We’ve been researching, documenting, and keeping tabs on the Church of Satan and some of its fascist members since June 2018. We’ve even made a handy Twitter “Moment” listing a vast amount of tweets containing our coverage on various fascist Church of Satan members (it’s worth noting here we’ve also made a Twitter Moment for fascism in the Satanic Temple). We continue documentation here on an outright Church of Satan nazi, this time providing a handy doxx on CoS member Kenaz Filan. Follow along with this series on Twitter with: #ChurchofSatanDoxxes

Church of Satan Member Kenaz Filan

On Twitter, we’ve reported in some detail on Kenaz and his fascism, racism, anti-Semitism, and his desire for political opponents to be thrown out of helicopters à la Augusto Pinochet.

From Kenaz’s Gab account.

Kenaz is a very troubled individual. For instance, he has harassed a vulnerable individual online in an effort to get them to kill themselves. It appears that Kenaz’s account has been suspended from Twitter, although a search can be made on the site that reveals past replies to Kenaz, and the content there doesn’t get any better.


Searching his Gab account reveals all kinds of bigotry and hatred. A common theme of his Gab posts, for instance, peddles anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that, besides asserting that the world is being run by a sinister Jewish cabal, is blaming the Jews for literally anything. Racism comes up a lot as well, where particularly black people and specifically individuals involved in Black Lives Matter are compared to wild animals. Additionally, he posts racist colonialist propaganda celebrating the brutalization of native people.


And hooboy, does Kenaz not like the Jews. A prominent aspect of his Gab posts consist of all kinds of ignorant hysteria, debunked conspiracy theories, and anti-Semitic demonization. As with irrational beliefs generally and fascist beliefs particularly, Kenaz likely realizes that the claims he makes, and the claims made in the propaganda he shares, are entirely bullshit and have been demonstrated to be false; he likely merely wishes his fascist beliefs to be true and clings to them in spite of evidence to the contrary. And this disregard of truth is a hallmark of fascism. It’s not grounded in truth, rather, appeals to emotion in the connection of race and nation and the arbitrary demonization of undesirables–usually those of a different race or gender or sexual orientation.


Interestingly, Kenaz publishes books on paganism, Vodou, and Hoodoo, and he’s currently got books out by Simon and Schuster and Inner Traditions.


Kenaz, along with other Church of Satan fascists, likes to publish sensitive information of people he doesn’t like and whom he thinks is out to uncover his bigotry. This is detestable in a twofold manner: 1. He puts forth the idea that, contrary to fascists’ assertions that “antifa” or the left don’t engage fascists’ claims, anyone who opposes his ideas deserves to have their sensitive information published online; 2. it’s blatant hypocrisy for a satanist to lash out against those who expose and oppose bigoted, racist, and fascist actions and behaviors that satanist has exhibited, as its Church of Satan canon for responsibility to be to the responsible. If Kenaz won’t accept responsibility for his actions, and if, as LaVey said, “Stupidity should be painful.”, we’re willing to push back and allow Kenaz to feel some emotional pain in knowing that his sensitive information, too, has been published online.

Kenaz Filan, formerly Kevin Todd Filan, is 53 years old and currently lives at this address: 
371 Lake St, APT 308; Newark, NJ 07104-1249. 
His phone number is: 
(516) 541-2142.
His prior addresses include:
25 Mount Ararat Rd; Short Hills, NJ 07078-2301.
Possible relatives include:
Karen Waterman and Mary Filan.
His emails are: and

Here’s what the jabroni looks like.