Alt-Right/Crypto-Fascist Polytheist Galina Krasskova


Meet polytheist author, fascist sympathizer, and rape apologist Galina Krasskova. She’s authored quite a number of books dealing with polytheism, Nordic gods, and working with runes. Evidently, she’s a “big name pagan” author (although, by her own account, she prefers the label polytheist), and one can find all kinds of conversations about her via online forums and sites like Tumblr. She’s quite an academic, holding a BA in cultural studies with a concentration in religious studies from Empire State College, a masters in religious studies from New York University, has completed Ph.D. coursework in classics at Fordham University in New York, and she’s currently pursuing a medieval studies MA. Her aim in academia is to attain a Ph.D. in theology.

In browsing the web and looking over her blog, more than a few problematic things become manifest. First of all, she defends and sympathizes with fascists and fascist pagan groups such as the Asatru Folk Assembly.

Secondly, she keeps company with fascists and she links to blog posts from them; specifically, she’s friends with outright nazi Church of Satan member Kenaz Filan and she’s advocated and platformed his blog Europa’s Children, wherein he can be seen making bad faith arguments and furthering fascist talking points for an ethnostate and white nationalism. Kenaz, by the way, is an explicit nazi who furthers the conspiracy theory that James Alex Fields Jr. ran over a crowd at the deadly Unite the Right rally in self-defense and is innocent of committing murder. Kenaz interacts with other fascists on his Gab, like Daniel McMahon AKA Jack Corbin, and his Gab posts include inciting violence and spreading around literal anti-Semitic propaganda from nazi Germany. He’s also harassed a vulnerable person on Twitter in the aim of getting them to kill themselves. Galina apparently has no problem with this bigoted behavior and she seems to hold Kenaz in high regard.

Thirdly, Galina is a rape apologist who has justified the rape of Rindr in her mythology at the hands of Odin and has basically excused any atrocity by, or in the name of, her gods. This apologetic is reminiscent of frequent Christian apologetics that justifies atrocities by Jahweh by invoking his mysteriousness and omnibenevolence (something that Galina does on her blog in regard to her gods)–that we couldn’t possibly be in a capacity to understand his plan with our limited minds and logic, and that all apparent evil in the world ultimately serves a higher purpose in perhaps teaching a valuable lesson. And this, to be sure, is an example of the danger and utter moral failing of religion.

Let’s examine some of her content, as well as conversations had about her by other polytheists and pagans.

Blog Posts and Fascist Sympathies

Here she is sharing content by Kenaz Filan consisting of dishonesty and bad faith arguments. Any claim that Kenaz makes about “not being a nazi” or his “white nationalism not involving hate or violence” is directly destroyed by taking a look at his Gab account where he glorifies killing black people, shares racist and anti-Semitic memes, and chats with other fascists. As well, Galina seems to have no problem whatsoever with now-defunct fascist hate group Identity Evropa, now rebranded as American Identity Movement. She thinks that it’s not a big deal that white supremacists appropriate religious movements such as heathenism or that they follow a strict code of traditionalism that discriminates and commits violence against marginalized groups and people. She’s also completely fine with white supremacists being in law enforcement.


Galina has also worked with and supports a transphobic transgender intersex person, Raven Kaldera, who has also published books about paganism. In the past, Raven has spouted all sorts of transmisogyny, anti-trans violence, and racism. For instance, Raven has called trans issues “third gender issues”, which is problematic in itself, and it seems he also doesn’t accept trans people as the gender that they are. Raven also has misconceptions about what male privilege is, saying that male privilege is discounted both when one encounters dirty looks in a clothes store or that one isn’t allowed to hold a traditionally “female” job. Generally, he seems to have a bigoted and ignorant view of trans people.

Raven also seems to mix BDSM with paganism, and he calls himself an “ordeal master”. Ordeals are the act of putting assumably consenting parties through situations that can involve intense physical and mental pain in order to attain some sort of “spiritual” consciousness and can be a form of worship in the religious practice. Consenting parties should be fully free to engage in indulgent behavior; the problem, though, is that Raven has been accused of abusing naive people who are new to paganism who end up getting raped. He’s also been accused of falsely linking sadistic sexual acts to the Hindu Kavadi ceremony and the Lakota Sun Dance, which has been called misappropriation and racist.

In a few posts on Galina’s blog, she attempts to paint herself as not being a nazi and holding to the position that nazism is harmful, but she contradicts herself all over the place stating that she’s anti-antifa and that fascists like Richard Spencer shouldn’t be punched in the face. In a few places, she even states that she falls along the center of the political spectrum and puts forth tired “both sides” talking points. She immediately contradicts this, though, by going on with anti-antifa and pro-free speech tirades that sympathize with violent fascists and play into their favor by supporting them having a platform from which to hurl speech that targets marginalized people with violence and murder. She’s quick to condemn antifascist tactics that thwart this behavior but she’s even quicker to sympathize and excuse violent fascists. She even made a blog post that stated she thinks that nazis are and should be welcome in Valhalla because Odin is a deity of such a mind that politics and irredeemable behavior are just such a small thing to worry about, that actions in battle are what should truly decide the inhabitants of Valhalla. The whole thing stinks of nazi apologism.

She’s also made a post that supports the white supremacist Asatru Folk Assembly, and she is in opposition to Declaration 127 which lists heathen and pagan organizations that oppose AFA. She can be seen actively supporting this racist organization. She’s also condemned the organization Troth for coming out as anti-racist. One isn’t in a position to claim to be opposed to fascism if one directly supports fascist organizations and condemns those who oppose them. She’s entirely making way for fascism to continue to creep into these religious circles. As we’ve seen many times with other fascist sympathizers, she’s pulling the plausible deniability card. It’s not going to cut it around here. There is no middle ground. Either one is and supports fascists or one isn’t and doesn’t. She’s going beyond being merely complicit here. She’s endorsing a fascist heathen organization, something that should be given no tolerance.

Unsurprisingy, she’s also anti-PC and anti-SJW, anti-“censorship”, and pro-free speech that includes platforming fascists. She’s linked to some articles by Wayland Skallagrimsson who has talked fondly of the hammerskins and espoused proto-fascist ideas of hierarchy and anti-PC/anti-SJW sentiment.


As well as being anti-SJW, she’s also intolerant of other religions. She wants nothing to do with them and holds an elitist view of her religion in looking down upon others. She wants to mate only within the religion and she supports patriarchial conceptions of a dowry and arranged marriages. She also has troubling ideas about duty to art. She’s fatphobic and she’s against “progress” if it stands in the way of her gods or religion. She’s also classist and she doesn’t believe in helping poor people gain access to college, being a self-described gatekeeper.


She’s anti-Marxist and, shown above, she espouses fascist dogwhistles about post-modernism.


She’s shared propaganda from alt-right site Breitbart, which has featured Milo “Gay Hitler” Yiannopoulos. She’s Islamophobic, and it’s worth pointing out that Heathens United Against Racism has made a statement against here for this and promoting Hindu nationalist publications promoting all-out war with Muslims. They’ve denounced her and called for opposition against her.


Oh, and Galina is a rape apologist who excuses rape in her mythology.

Further Links Concerning Abuse and Bigotry

There are numerous troubling threads online that discuss other troubling things with her, such as abuse and further bigotry. We can’t confirm the veracity of some of the claims made on these sites, as no links were given backing up certain claims. However, people should be aware of the accusations being made in light of what we’ve already reported on in this article. If one can’t be bothered to read entire pages, we recommend doing a quick search with keywords such as “Galina Krasskova”, “abuse”, “discrimination”, “racism”, “fascism”, “nazism” etc.

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The Doxx

Galina I. Krosskova is 46 years old and currently teaches Latin at Fordham University.
She can be reached at this PO Box: 228 Beacon, NY 12508.
Possible phone numbers: landline: 845-831-0709; wireless: 831-383-8255.

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