Meet a Church of Satan Nazi: Part 5. Matt G. Paradise – #ChurchofSatanDoxxes

For the fifth part in this #ChurchofSatanDoxxes series, we’ll be exposing Church of Satan clergy member magister Matt G. Paradise as an outright fascist. It’s worth recalling here the importance and precedence of Church of Satan clergy and hierarchy. As you’ll recall from our second article of this series, Church of Satan members who rank third and fourth degrees are part of Church of Satan clergy, meaning, they’re official representatives of the organization and they talk with authority on the Church of Satan’s brand of satanism; and the work of some are Church of Satan canon, including Matt’s book Bearing the Devil’s Mark. So, let’s take a look at Matt and show his fascism and bigotry.

Matt G. Paradise

Matt’s involved in a variety of projects; most notably is Purging Talon which hosts various things like podcasts such as the Accusation Party, a fascist, alt-right podcast where Matt bemoans the decline of the “West”, antifascists, feminism, political correctness, and rights for LGBTQA+ individuals. He has other podcasts as well such as Strang Moments in Cultural History, Terror Transmission, and Vintage Vinyl Vivisection. He groups all of these podcasts under the Accusation Network, and he has released a Patreon to support these projects. We encourage sensible people to notify Patreon and demand that this hateful fascist’s projects be removed.

In taking a look at the Accusation Party podcast, we can directly see references to fascism on TAP’s Gab and Twitter accounts, which sport a Romanesque statue and the fasces, a central symbol of fascism.


The very first post we see on Twitter is a reference to a racist Catholic kid who harassed a Native American at a recent March for Life. The racist kid in question can be seen antagonizing a Native person while smiling at them. The recent controversy highlights the boldness of racists in their outright racism due to the Trump regime. The phrase “it’s okay to smirk” has become a meme in fascist, alt-right circles that defends the racist kid’s antagonizing. Fascists dishonestly assert that merely smirking nowadays is seen as a racist action, and they have lauded the racist kid as being a hero. This narrative echoes the delusions of “anti-whiteness” by white supremacists and plays into their false victimhood at what they perceive to be “white genocide”. This recent phrase echoes an earlier white supremacist meme and dogwhistle, “it’s okay to be white”, which is both a truism and a strawman argument against justified anti-racist actions, as anti-racism targets racism and not white skin tone per se. The “it’s okay to smirk” meme is another way that fascists subvert anti-racist narratives and draw over non-radicalized people. Of course it’s okay to smirk, however, in the context in which the smirk was used by this racist kid in their bullying and antagonizing of a Native American, it was blatantly and patently racist behavior.


Just as with all other Church of Satan members we’ve covered, and fascists in general, Matt is vehemently transphobic and he thinks that transgender people have a mental illness. This is reflected in his Accusation Party podcast as well as in other content he posts on social media.


We can further see his bigotry and alt-right leanings on his Twitter. He posts “fake news” pieces from conservative and far-right sites such as National Review, InfoWars, Breitbart, Defense Maven, Quillette, Dailywire and Bizpac Review, which spreads transphobia, pro-fascist talking points, and anti-political correctness sentiment. He also shares articles from racist pseudo-scientific “race realists” such as Charles Murray who authored pseudo-scientific book the Bell Curve, and he really seems to like Milo Yiannopoulos, so-called “alt-light” figure and bigot who outed a trans person.

He also sites alt-right professor and academic troll Peter Boghossian to justify his transphobia and his disdain for gender studies. Matt’s brought up the anti-Semitic and fascist “Jewish Question” from a post on fascist site Counter-Currents. He’s linked to an article by fascist, rape apologist, and male supremacist Jim Goad, who once had a pro-rape “rape issue” of his magazine Answer Me. The magazine is alleged to be an inspiration of conspiracy theorist Francisco Martin Duran, who took 29 shots at the White House. Matt seems to downplay the emotions and experience of survivors of trauma by linking to an article that says not every misfortune is a trauma. Matt’s also Islamophobic. He can be seen showing his sympathy for fascists like Lauren Southern, and he posts anti-Semitic dogwhistles about “globalists” and “cultural Marxism” conspiracy theories. He really likes eugenics and he wants it to be instituted in the US. He’s also anti-equality and he supports the work of fascist Jack Donovan.


What is more damning and what explicitly shows Matt’s fascism is his follows on Twitter. By the way, he has locked down and cleaned up his social media accounts ever since we started reporting on him on Twitter. He has since unfollowed the fascist accounts he once did and has deleted certain fascist tweets. Luckily, we have screenshots from before he did this. He’s followed fascists such as Ashton Whitty, Henrik Palmgren, David Duke, Lauren Southern, and fascist accounts Identity Evropa and Disdain4Plebs, the latter of which was the violent group that fascist murderer James Alex Fields was with in Charlottesville when he ran his car into a crowd of people.


In addition to running these podcasts, his projects are also supported and platformed directly by the Church of Satan and reverend Adam Campbell’s YouTube account Third Side Network. Both the organization and Adam Campbell seem to have no problem whatsoever hosting this bigoted and fascist content. And, as stated earlier, his book Bearing the Devil’s Mark is officially endorsed by the organization.

Likewise, he also promotes his fascist and bigoted content on Bitchute, Minds, Gab, Patreon, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn.



The Doxx

Matthew G. Paradise is 50 years old.
He lives in Burlington, Vermont. He has a PO Box: PO Box 8131, Burlington VT 05402-8131.
He has previously lived at: 115 Pine St., Burlington, VT 05401-8479. 
His phone numbers are: 802-922-8199; 802-658-6288.
His relatives include: Katherine Sky Koroser, Sky A. Paradise, and Brannon R. Rasberry.

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